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"Wether you're an individual, or a business owner,
we've got your printing needs covered!"


Food industry is changing, and adapting with time, demanding newer, eco-friendlier and higher quality, food grade packaging to cater their needs. We provide all kinds of printing services, especially gravure printing for items like mayonnaise, ketchups, dips and other food item.


Pharma industry needs packages of all kinds of sizes and dimensions, and as it is a very demanding and growing industry. We at NYPRINTPACK have been providing packages for pharmaceuticals industry for the past many years, providing design and production services to our various clients around the world.


Pesticides and seeds, play a huge role in agricultural industry, and we’ve been providing all types of packages and labels, to cater their needs and demands, in this growing sector. We prepare and design all kinds of packs and bottle labelling, as per the need and demands.


Cosmetics industry is a very demanding industry nowadays, relied on consumer needs, and transformed every day, with new technologies and researches. We’ve been providing all kinds of cosmetics packing and label packaging for the pas many years. Meeting demands across this industry, worldwide.

Corporate Offices

Corporate offices need all kinds of flyers, brochures, business cards, letterheads, letter pads and notebooks etc. for their office work, and in fact every office, everywhere requires it. We’ve got all your needs, and demands covered.


Stationery items, books, magazines, and other stationary related items are vast in demand, and requires various designs and sizes to be covered. We provide one of the best quality printing services, at a very low cost, for all your stationery needs.